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Aug. 11th, 2008


I live in a forest :D **pictures to come soon**

I hate starting journal entries by saying "holy crap I haven't updated in a long time" So i'll just get right to it.

I live in a forest pretty much -*-
You drive down this road, then turn onto another road that looks like it should be a nature walk or something, then you turn one MORE time, just before the road turns to dirt, drive past an "elect Obama" sign, and a red laminated "caution baby foxes" sign, and you'll see my house! Well, actually you can't see it if you are just driving by. There are walls of trees on either side of your car as you drive down the road, with mailboxes poking out toward the street at odd intervals. If you manage to not pass our driveway, you can pull in to the front of our house...which is surrounded by trees on all sides.

Murder of the Treefolk-*-
After a short time of living here, and after the initial shock/awe of the sheer size of, and space in our house, my parents decided they needed to cut some trees. About 20 trees. Oh, my parents didn't cut the trees, god no. They hired some professionals to do that work.....Except for this ONE tree. My dad tried to cut it with a hand saw(on the side facing our house -_-;), and my mom leaned on what looked like a twig against the big tree to try and push it away from our house. She failed. As me and shawn watched from afar, wondering why they were being so careless with this tree, it began to fall...towards our house...on our dining area...the branches of this huge tree took down another skinny tree with it. I heard glass shatter, and saw the tip of a tree that shouldn't have come down in the first place come within FEET of our new house. FUCKING GENIUS! My mom came in. A bit flustered...and said "Well, it didn't go exactly as planned. You guys have to go out and get some chainsaw oil. Your dad needs to cut this tree up before night fall"  Oh great. Now Shawn and I had to run our asses out to town just to get some oil that they should've had in the FIRST place to cut the tree down. Genius. P.S. The tree landed on top of the Professional Tree Cutters equipment, but luckily it had some type of metal frame on top so it didn't break. What was the glass breaking? A bird house that belonged to the original owners. I didn't see any dead birds though.

Job hunting-*-
Shawn and I have applied to so many places -_- Way more than what I ever did in California. First, I signed up at the place my sister works, and I am officially a substitute on call for young children. Can you even picture that? Basically, if a teacher is sick, or knows they can't teach someday, they call up a sub or two to fill in. Nothing has really happened yet though. No calls. But my sister claims in in.  We also both applied to a temp agencey that said they may be able to get us a thing for Yankee Candles. We wont really know until the 15th. So yeah. I also asked about applications at JoAnne's fabrics, applied at an ice cream shop, a book store, a bakery, and pretty much any ol' place that I've seen a help wanted sign. The search continues.

I only have classes 3 days a week :D!!!   BUT, tuesdays and thursdays are um..kinda..packed full >< but hey. At least I have a 4 day weekend every single week so that allows me time to get jobs done, and homework done and not feel to bad! ALSO: I have almost an hour between all my classes, since my classes last all day, so I can be getting homework done inbetween! wee!

Lolita Obsession?-*-
I've been sewing quite a bit. I made a skirt, but didn't use a pattern...so it came out a little wonky, but it is definitely still wearable.  It is cream colored, with rococo style deep red roses, pink and white lace at the bottom, and dark red ribbon for accent! I also have opened up a new etsy shop with a lolita type theme to it. As I get better at sewing, i hope to sell more things there. Check it out and tell your girly/loli friends:    lovelylatte.etsy.com

---Oh. The websites I have been getting inspiration/ideas from are as follows:
*Victorian Maiden
*Baby the Stars Shine Bright
---LJ Communities (fun for posting finished works, looking at other people's ideas, or just chatting)
*EGL (elegant gothic lolita)
*Egl Crafts (this one doesn't update as much :(
*lace and flora (just pretty things and photos mainly)
---And here is a design I am going to try, but not in that gross purple color. I'll probably make it shorter, and add lace/ribbon and stuff. See how it goes.
* Skirt Instructions
* Felt Ideas (I might try to incorporate some things here into my designs)

Smash Bros. Brawl Tourney-*-
Shawn and I have been practicing quite a bit on Smash Bros Brawl. We do really well if we team up against other teams, and we practice one on one with eachother often. We try to connect with my brother online, but it is laggy sometimes. We use this website called smashboards.com and go to the friend finder (smashboards.com/ff) "our" screen name, that I just kinda picked for lack of something better, is "PrincessPikmin". My main is pikachu, and his is jigglypuff. Shawn loves the idea of a cute little pink squishy ball that can kick ass like none other, and I just like pikachu :/ I sometimes use Peach, often use Olimar, and once in a while try ice climbers or Shiek (she was my main on melee) There are lots of tournaments in the Massachusetts area, but nothing going on right now. We were actually going to go to one just this last sunday, but it they weren't playing brawl. Just melee :( I'm going to see what is involved with opening up a club at school (for brawl :p hehe)

Visits and Traveling-*-
My brother is coming over for his birthday for the weekend (this weekend).  Should be fun. It means we get free food at least...
My mom, dad, Shawn and I all went to Oxford NY to see my Grandma, uncles, and one of my aunts. There was also a parade. I can't really describe the boringness of it. Quaint, but kind of ... dull...eh.

phew. that is all for now. cya~

Apr. 25th, 2008


Type type type type type....

 Want to practice your typing abilities? Well I have some goodies for you!

TypeRacer - a "racing" game where you race other people and see who can type a sentence fasted. I made the highschool list at the bottom! (I made number one, but there were other names next to my name so I don't know if I tied or what)

QWERTY Warrior - type words to shoot enemies. Don't let them get to close! Very fun :D

FreeTypingGame.net - random typing games. Unfortunately there are crap loads of ads on this site. Oh well! Try em all out.

My ebay auctions are doing pretty well...I'll have lots more to sell once I start clearing out my room, the garage, and the guest room closet. Oh yes...Ebay first, then garage sale, then...donate to goodwill >< Maybe I should let people come over and pick stuff out that they want...hmm...

I woke up and my kitties were sleeping by eachother...their backs were actually touching! eee!

Can't wait for March 31st. Wee! Smashbros/Movie/Food/Pool craziness ^^

Apr. 20th, 2008


Old Sanrio Characters

Can you believe that some of these characters belonged to our beloved monopoly of a corporation Sanrio?


Apr. 12th, 2008


U-u-ua ua~

A Poem:
I randomly found  this guys blog
while randomly surfing the net
he had a random video
that I happened to think was quite random cute
People made up their own lyrics
even though the song was in Swedish
so I did the same
He posted them in his AMV
and I felt special <3

Also I made a dressfront // dressback (with no pattern ><)

There are definately things I am going to do differently next time I make it...
-Make the top part different/sew together just a bit where it overlaps
-hem the bottom of the skirt better
-finish off random edges differently
-sew on belt/ribbon thingy


I like the two different colors for the right and left boob cover though...maybe i'll have to go find some fun complimentary colors...
If you can't see well in the pic, the right boob cover is light green and flowery, and the left boob cover is white with blue floweries

Oh ya! This is what inspired me by the way. It looked simple enough...(except my god damned sewing machine can't sew elastic for some reason...or maybe it can and I just dont know how to???)

Apr. 6th, 2008


watashi no juukyusai no otanjoubi desu yo!

 4 Mini Cakes...
A cookie...OF a cake...and a battery for my smoke detector!

Best birthday evar

Selling my dad's motorcycle and other things on ebay...and oh i shall sell SO much more because we will be moving. LOTS OF GARAGE SALES!
Shawn it trying to get Pikmin 2 for me :D!!!

I SWEAR I can't find this game under 40 bucks on ebay...

I believe I figured out the lyrics to a Japanese Pikmin commercial...and now the song is stuck in my head.
~Pikmin 2 Commercial~

赤ピクミンは火に強い - In fire, red pikmin is strong

青ピクミンはおぼれない - The blue pikmin can not drown

ピクミンはたたふ 跳ぶ - The gold pikmin jumps very high

紫ピクミン力持ち - The purple Pikmin is the muscle man

白ピクミンには毒がある - The white Pikmin...has poison!

こさえが色々いきているよ - All you need is various/many Pikmin to go with you!
(the commercials last line is something like all you need is pikmin 2, but in the full song it says the line above)

Aka Pikumin ha Hi ni tsuyoi

Ao Pikumin ha oborenai

Kin Pikumin ha tata fu tobu

Murasaki Pikumin chikara mochi

Shiro Pikumin ni ha…doku ga aru

Kosae ga iroiro ikiteiru yo

Feel free to give corrections if you want...there were one or two sounds that didn't come out to clearly on my speakers. But I'm sure the general translation is fine ^^;

Mar. 16th, 2008


Uchi wo Kaimashita


If I haven't written anything about this....hmm...Me and Shawn get the upstairs all to ourselves. Which includes a large study with built in book shelves lining the walls, and enough room for two desks with computers and a sewing machine area...a master bedroom...and a nice bathroom! woo! The basement is going to be our work out and game room.

Hm...let's see.....so much to do for moving! My dad agreed to let me use his nice car with it's navigation system for the roadtrip i'll be taking. As soon as school is out for me (May 22nd) I'm leaving. As long as my stuff is packed anyway. I'll go over to shawns, help him pack up, then we can officially move into our new home in June. yay!

Oh yeah, I turn 19 next month o_o! Weird to think about...

Spring break for me starts Monday the 24th...and I have to call my new college to ask them crap.

Anywho. I'm still reviewing for some philosophy right now.

It is going slowly.

Feb. 28th, 2008


What is your IQ in Japan??

Try this...I figured it out ><!

Japanese IQ test


  • Only 2 persons on the raft at a time
  • The father can not stay with any of the daughters, without their mother’s presence
  • The mother can not stay with any of the sons, without their father’s presence
  • The thief (striped shirt) can not stay with any family member,if the Policeman is not there
  • Only the Father, the Mother and the Policeman know how to operate the raft

    To move the people click on them. To move the raft click on the pole on the opposite side of the river.


  • Feb. 23rd, 2008


    Typing Test

    96 words

    Speed test

    Go try!! right now! post your results! Comment damnit!!!

    Feb. 17th, 2008



    I know. I made one...dundun! craft journal :p
    my username link thing keeps crapping up, so just search:


    I realllyy like this video and song.


    The parents come home tonight. I've had random people show up at my
     door asking to see the house...
    Wtf? they think I'm just going to let them inside or something? really?
    Oh well. I've had the house all to myself this weekend. Very nice ^^
    And I'm not even a party animal or anything but I still like it.

    I saw Sensei(nihongo), Mr. Anderson(psych) and Mrs. Franzine (myth) on Friday. 
    Sensei was frightenly happy to see us...
    Anderson was relaxed and crass as ever... 
    and Franzine was an energy filled little gossip. As always!
    it was fun.
    Oh yeah..I waved at Mr. Rush...but didn't feel like talking to him.
    Hope he didn't get offended :p
    Oh well.

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